In-line printing

BM Engineering is your supplier of the well-known Saturn in-line printing units.
The Saturn in-line printing units are build according to customer’s wishes and specifications.
The machines is built in 60mm steel plate, which ensures a very stable machine, which is necessary for a stable print.  Furthermore, our machines are always equipped with BECK-HOFF motors and controllers. The machine is equipped with servo drives, which ensures the accuracy of the setting of the print, as well as accurate control of the speed and line-speed.

All our In-line prining units are delivered with our Sinus II chamber doctor blades

Max specifications:

Printing speed:    1m/min to 300m/min
Printing width:                 500mm to 2500mm
No. of colours:                  1 to 6 colours

The machine is CE marked and meets European standards.