Chamber doctor blades

BM Engineering is your supplier of the well-known Sinus II chamber doctor blade system.

The sinus II enables even better printing quality because of the unique construction  providing a reduction in  the deflection on the unit.

In the procution of Sinus II the best materials and methods is used, including high-tech extrusion and anodizing techniques.

Cleaning of chamber doctor blades was never easier than with Sinus II. The unit is easily and quickly disassamboled without the use of tools.
Cleaning time about 10 minutes.
(The cleaning disassembly and assembly can be seen in the video at the bottom of the page - Comming soon!)
At the same time the tool free thumb screws also makes the change of doctor blades easier.
Changing doctor blades only takes around 2-3 minutes.

The sinus II are also perfect for retrofitting, it is easily fitted into existing printing units. 

Upgrading from Sinus I to Sinus II can be done without changing the printing unit, as the mounting fittings are identical.
Sinus II - Brochure GB.pdf
Sinus II - Measuring sheet.pdf